Monday, September 28, 2009

Early learning: How early is to early?


Early learning skills like reading are the foundations of a intelligent, well-adjusted child.  Learn how you can develop the mindset and habit of learning in a child to excel with the information age.
The world we are living in is ever changing.  Information bombards us from every corner of the globe.  The pace of change may appear frightening to many of us, but for the future global citizen i.e. your child, it appears normal.  Information is part of your child’s reality.  Indeed, knowledge can help him make sense of the world in relation to himself.

Over the eons of time, the world has seen great changes.  From the Stone Age, the Ice Age, the Bronze Age right up to the Industrial Age and the Atomic Age.  With every phase of life, man evolved, taking the immense challenges and changes in his stride, often using the challenging circumstances to better his life.  We are now in the middle of the Information Age and with it we are surrounded by various communications media, TV, newspaper, and the Internet.  These are still poor relations to the most complex, sophisticated information system ever created – the human brain.  While some information travels across vast oceans in the blink of an eye, the brain that receives, digests, stores, acts on and reacts to such information is proportionately expanding.
Your child is indeed a citizen of the Information Age from the moment he is born.  On the day he uttered his first cry, he has entered an environment that will test his abilities to the utmost.  With your understanding and insight, you can nurture his capabilities and he will find it an easy road to travel, the road to knowledge and discovery.  It is your attitude that will determine your child’s aptitude.  If you create the right conditions, adopt a fun-to-learn stress free approach, your child will be well on his way to becoming a genius.
You may ask, “What does my child gain by learning to read?”  As long as your child is reedy, he as everything in the world to gain and nothing to lose.  By introducing your child to reading at an early age, you are opening the door to a world of knowledge that under traditional circumstances he would enter at the age of five.  By doing this, you are giving him a head start.  By this very stimulation, you are also raising your child’s visionary abilities, at an early age.  And the world needs visionaries.  If you stick to the principle that you want the best for your child and prepared to give your best to your child, and adopt the fun-to-learn mindset, you are reinforcing a deep-seated desire to learn within your child.
The fun-to-learn attitude is important on many levels.  For instance, I know of a parent who uses every opportunity to educate her child.  Whether it is at the dining table, playing with blocks, watching television or taking a bath, a fun environment is created to learn at every corner.  At the same time, this increases the child’s vocabulary and improves her spelling.  By offering the child every opportunity to learn, the mother is reinforcing in her child a natural feeling that learning and studying are part of life.  This is an invaluable training the child is growing up with.  Today, she is twelve years old.  To her, playing with friends or doing her homework are both enjoyable activities.  I can guarantee that as this child grows older and faces higher, more demanding studies, she will always have the tools and the mindset to overcome any obstacles that may come her way.
There is also one significant dimension in developing your young child’s genius abilities and that is it gives our child greater choice.  The genius can, through the power of extended knowledge, well developed natural abilities, and self-confidence, influence events and control his or her own destiny. By starting a child’s education early and developing his special gifts and unique talents, you are giving your young child the right to choose and control his or her own destiny.  The awakening of a genius demands, from the parent, an interaction between honest motivation, the right attitude, and farsighted vision.   This is the genesis of a genius.
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