Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early Learing Skills: Teach your Child to read


Bring out the genius in a child is a responsibility that all parents should undertake.  It requires you to have a strong, positive attitude towards the learning process.  Every child looks up to his or her mommy or daddy as a role model.  If you are a parent yourself, you must guide your child and encourage her to have a deep, abiding thirst for knowledge. Your attitude will determine, to a large extent, how much and how fast your child will learn to read and enjoy reading.

For example, if you constantly bring work home and complain about how much material you have to read, it will have an adverse effect on your child.  But if your child sees you absorbed in reading the newspaper or magazine or if she follows you to the library to select books, she will realize that you enjoy reading and will want to emulate you.  Her natural insatiable appetite for learning, her sense of wonder, will accord her great enjoyment as she pursues the idea of reading, generated from the example you have set.  Your can teach your child to read,  help your child develop language, thinking and genius skills at home at an early age by following some reading tips.

1.  Have an environment surrounded by books
Go for colorful, visually rich children’s books.  There are lots of such books out there and children are often intrigued by the pictures and colors that pique their interest.
2.  Read Out Loud
Read stories or nursery rhymes aloud to your child.  Set aside 15 minutes to half an hour each day for this.   Besides establishing a warm and close relationship with your child, there is intellectual value in these sessions.  Read alouds have more than one benefit.   Your child will be deeply happy and contented to receive your full attention.  You also build a close bond between you and your child as being close gives her a sense of your care and love and this helps her to feel secure.

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